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This is a list of abbreviations used throughout the website.

AA Asset Assessment
AAV Air Ambulance Victoria
ACHCB Air-Con in Health Care Buildings
Ag Agency
AMP Asset Management Plan
ASB Asbestos
BC Business Case
BEECH Beechworth
BMS Building Management System
BP Business Planning
BSW Barwon South West
Bud Budget
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CASR Civil Aviation Safety Regulation
CC Cabinet in Confidence
CCC Cabinet Coordination Comments
CDP Critical Decision Point
CHC Community Health Centre
CHS Community Health Service
CIC Cabinet in Confidence
COE Certificate of Expediency
COFC Certificate of Final Completion
ComS Community Services
COO Certificate of Occupancy
CPSP Capital Projects and Service Planning
CRC Community Rehabilitation Centre
CSH Selection of Cooling Systems for Hospitals
CstnIns Construction Insurance
CtAdmin Contract Administration
CtDoc Contract Documentation
DDO Design and Development Overlay
DesDev Design Development
DP Discussion Paper
DSE Department of Sustainability and Environment
DTF Department of Treasury and Finance
ED Emergency Department
EGHS East Grampians Health Service
EIF Environmental Improvement Fund
EMS Emergency Medical Services
Eqmt Equipment
ERT Energy Reduction Targets
ES Des Environmental Sustainable Design
ESD Ecological Sustainable Development or Environmental Sustainable Design
ESM Engineering Services Manager
FAQ Fair Average Quality
FATO Final Approach and Take-off Area
FOI Freedom of Information
FRMS Fire Risk Management Strategy
GIPPs Gippsland
GPS Global Positioning Satellite
HelDes Helipad Design
HERO Hospital Energy Reduction Opportunity
Hos Hospital
Hou Houses
HR Hospital Redevelopment
HS Health Service
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
IAQ Indoor Air Quality
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
ICU Intensive Care Unit
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
INFRA Infrastructure
Instruct Instructions
InvestER Investment Evaluation Reports
JJ Juvenile Justice
LAss Legislative Assembly
LCoun Legislative Council
LDP Landing Decision Point
Let Letter
LFE Loose Furniture and Equipment
Lic Licence
LLA Landing and Lift-off Area
LM Lodden Mallee
LPG Liquid Propane Gas
Lse Lease
MAS Metropolitan Ambulance Service
Med Medical
Metro Metropolitan
MH Mental Health
Min Ministerial
MOS Manual of Operational Standards
MPStudies Master Plans Studies
MReport Monthly Report
Mts Minutes
Netw Network
NGO Non-Government Agency
NH Nursing Home
NWHS Rural North West Health
OEI One Engine inoperative
OHS Occupational Health and Safety
OoC Office of Children
OoH Office of Housing
Org Organisation
PCG Project Control Group
PCInsur Principal Controlled Insurance
PFG Project Focus Group
PICU Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit
PPQ Possible Parliamentary Question
PPT Project Planning Team
PS Placement and Support
QON Questions On Notice
RCH Royal Children's Hospital
Redev Redevelopment
Res Residential
RMEES Risk Management Essential Engineering Services
RQE Requirement
RVEEH Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
SDes Schematic Design
StatRep Status Report
TAPM The Air Pollution Model
TDP Take-off Decision Point
TE&A Tendering, Evaluation and Acceptance
UpLD Uploaded Document
Var Variation
VFST Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture
VGS Victorian Greenhouse Strategy
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
VMgt Value Management
WGHG West Gippsland Health Care Group