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Fire safety

Department of Health fire safety management

The Department of Health and Human Service's fire risk management (FRM) policy aims to safeguard the patients most at risk of the effects of fire.

The FRM objectives of the department are to:

  • mitigate potential risks to life or injury to staff, patients / clients and visitors due to fire or the effects of fire
  • mitigate the risk of fires disrupting health and clinical services delivery
  • comply with relevant fire safety acts and regulations in department owned facilities.

Refer to the department fire safety management manual for further details.

Department of Health FRM arrangements

When the department split occurred in December 2009, to form the new Department of Human Services and Department of Health, the FRM operational role was transferred to DHS under the shared service arrangement.

  • Capital Projects and Service Planning (CPSP) branch, Department of Health, manages the overall Fire Safety Management policy, implementation strategy and compliance framework for the Department.
  • The Fire Risk Management Unit, Department of Human Services (DHS), provides a range of services to the Department of Health, through the centrally based Fire Risk Management Unit and unit's regionally based FRM co-ordinators including to:
  • Provide technical advice to assist the funded agencies in managing their overall fire risks, fire risk management audits and compliance processes.
    • Monitor fire risk management compliance by Department of Health funded agencies
    • Manage the series 7 fire risk management guidelines
    • Manage a list of building surveyors / fire professionals accredited under the guidelines

Series 7 FRM guidelines

The FRM guidelines (Series 7 - 2013 version) replace the 2008 versions and apply to all relevant departmental funded services. They can be accessed here.

DHS FRMU can be emailed at fireriskmanagementunit@dhs.vic.gov.au.

Department of Health fire safety certificate 6

Health services / Department of Health funded organisations must submit an annual fire safety certificate 6 to the department for all facilities within the scope of the FRM policy.

Note that the building regulations also require that an annual essential safety measures certificate be issued for all buildings (other than Class 1a houses / outbuildings).