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Heliport guidelines 2015

Helicopters are used in the emergency transfer of critically ill patients to the hospital which can best provide the care they need.

A heliport is a designated landing site used by Ambulance Victoria for the transfer of critically ill patients by helicopter to a hospital. The heliport includes the airspace associated with flightpaths which allows for the safe arrival and departure of helicopters. A heliport may be located on or near a hospital site, may be at ground level or elevated and may include a purpose built facility.

There are approximately 115 formally recognised helicopter landing sites across Victoria, of which around 30 are located within the grounds of a public hospital.

The Department of Health and Human Services has prepared ‘Guidelines for helicopter medical transport landing sites’ to inform the design and operation of heliports used for conducting medical transport operations in Victoria. The guidelines are applicable both to ground-level and elevated facilities and include the airspace associated with arrival and departure flightpaths.

The guidelines set the minimum standards required for the development of new heliports by the department, as well as providing guidance on the management, operation and maintenance of new and existing heliports.

New heliports not built in accordance with these guidelines may not be funded by the Department of Health and Human Services or used by Ambulance Victoria. New and existing heliports are to be operated and maintained in accordance with the guidelines.