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Inspection / site meetings


It is the contractor's responsibility and obligation to undertake the construction of a project in accordance with contract documents. The contractor must ensure that the construction meets all time, cost, quality and statutory requirements. This includes the inspection and supervision of all subcontractors and day labour.

Note: Consult the separate occupational health and safety (OH&S) guidelines for specific safety requirements.

The contractor is issued with a possession of site notice by the superintendent, on behalf of the principal, and from the date of possession of site is responsible for all persons who visit the site, whether to perform work of services, to undertake inspections, to assist with coordination or attend meetings. All persons visiting the site must report initially to the site office, and are usually required to undertake a site induction arranged by the contractor, and are to be escorted by the contractor at all times.

For smaller projects, the contractor's foreman generally exercises co-ordination and supervision duties. On larger projects, supervision and co-ordination is exercised through the contractor's team which may include a separate project manager, works programmer, safety supervisor, general foreman and trades foremen.

The superintendent, or the superintendent's representative (SR), is responsible for overseeing that the construction works conform to the requirements of the contract and for giving the contractor any necessary instructions or clarifications/interpretations of the contract documents being used to construct the facility.

The superintendent or the SR is also responsible for coordinating communication with the principal and consultants on contract or building construction related issues.

It is the contractor's responsibility to arrange for the necessary inspections (by the contractor, relevant authorities and sub-consultants) and to keep records of those inspections.

The contractor must also ensure that all safety requirements are maintained on the site during construction. The contractor performs the OH&S role of principal contractor.

Site meetings

Regular Site Meetings should be held at the construction site (site meetings), e.g. fortnightly. These meetings should be attended by the contractor, superintendent, superintendent's representative, consultants as required and a principal's representative (the client). They should ideally be chaired and minuted by the contractor.  Minutes should be distributed within four working days of the meeting. They should record points discussed, outcomes, actions to be taken, and by whom, and a summary of proposed / approved variations.

The minutes are a good way of keeping track of the progress of the project and it is usual for the Superintendent to issue copies to the project control group (PCG).

It is good practice to check minutes for completeness and accuracy prior to acceptance and include photographic records of the project with the minutes for reporting to the PCG.