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Guideline for sustainability in health care capital works

Purpose of the guideline

This guideline has been developed to assist the Department of Health and Human Services, and stakeholders to embed sustainability into the full life cycle of health care capital works.

The purpose of the guideline and associated checklists is to:

  • provide a broad context of sustainability in health care and related statutory requirements and government commitments
  • demonstrate and explain the processes used to embed sustainability into in health care capital works
  • provide guidance on sustainability to staff, health care agencies and consultants delivering health care capital works
  • enable staff to check compliance of consultants and contractors in applying this guideline.

The guideline forms part of the Capital development guidelines and should be read in the wider context of these guidelines.

The following documents can be downloaded:

Transition arrangements

The transition to the new guideline is as follows:

  • From 1 July, 2010, projects up to (but not including) schematic design are to use the guideline for Sustainability in health care capital works (2010).
  • ­
  • From July 1, 2010, all health care capital projects that are in and beyond schematic design are to continue using the old Department of Health and Human Services Sustainability guidelines (2004).

Projects that are in the early stages of schematic design may choose to adopt the Sustainability in health care capital works guideline (2010). This is to be agreed by the Project Control Group.


A series of sustainability checklists has been prepared to assist the Design Team to monitor and report on the integration of sustainability into health care capital works.

More information and the checklists are available here.

Consultant brief

The consultant brief for engaging sustainability consultants under the new guidelines is still being developed. The brief will be made available once it has been finalised.

Case studies

Case studies are an important way to share learnings and best practice on integrating sustainability into health care. The 2010 guidelines require case studies to be prepared for all projects.

More information on case studies, as well as existing case studies, are available here.

Further information

For further information on sustainability in health care capital works please contact:

Manager Environmental Sustainability
Infrastructure Planning and Delivery
Department of Health and Human Services
PO Box 4541
Melbourne 3001


(03) 9096 2057