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Sustainability checklists are to be prepared for each stage of the capital development by the design team. Completed checklists are to be included in the appropriate sustainability report.

Sustainability checklist for healthcare capital works

The following sustainability checklists can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel file format. Please note that these checklists may be updated, so it is important to check that you are using the most current checklists.

  1. Master plan checklist. Gateway Review Process (Excel, 37.5 KB)
  2. Feasibility checklist. Gateway Review Process (Excel, 158 KB)
  3. Preliminary business case checklist. Gateway Review Process (Excel, 58.5 KB)
  4. Schematic design checklist. Gateway Review Process (Excel, 175 KB)
  5. Final business case checklist. Gateway Review Process (Excel, 175 KB)
  6. Delivery checklist. Gateway Review Process (Excel, 191 KB)
  7. Implementation checklist. Gateway Review Process (Excel, 169 KB)

Feedback and comments on the checklists can be sent to sustainability@health.vic.gov.au.