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7. Approvals

The approvals and sign-offs required for a project throughout the capital investment process are summarised in Table: Summary of approvals.

Approval is required for projects to advance to the following stages:

  • feasibility status - to undertake either an initial masterplan or feasibility study)
  • design list - to advance to subsequent design phases
  • asset investment proposals – for project to be considered for inclusion in the Department of Health list to be submitted to minister(s) for approval
  • new works - to enter into a construction contract.

Summary of approvals

Service plan * ü * *
Planning brief * * * *
Master plan * * * ü
Value management * * * *
Business case * ü * ü3
Design list (1)   ü * ü3
Schematic design * * * ü
New works list (1)   * * *
Design development *   * *ü
Contract documentation *   * *ü
Tender (3) ü   * *ü2


ü Denotes approval

* Denotes endorsement.

1. Final approval by minister.

2. For Department of Health and Human Services projects (e.g. forensic, juvenile justice), Infrastructure Planning and Delivery (IPD) branch will provide approval on behalf of the principal (Department of Health and Human Services Secretary / minister).

3. For agency projects, IPD will audit the tender process and ensure assessment of financial viability of tenderers is undertaken. IPD has an 'action' role associated with the sign off required for activities from planning brief to tender.