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4. Documentation phase

All projects are required to undergo the following steps during the documentation phase for public funded projects:

  • Design development:
    • Completion of design in detail including architectural and engineering design and the incorporation of all authority requirements.
    • Confirmation that the design meets current government policies with respect to energy / Victorian Greenhouse Strategy and the Moral Rights Legislation.
    • Confirmation of the cost estimate (cost plan C2) to demonstrate the project is within budget. 
    • Obtaining sign off from users.

The third gateway review, procurement strategy - is undertaken to develop a procurement plan and update the business plan.

  • Contract documentation:
    • Contracts used in the undertaking of works are to use approved Department of Health and Human Services forms of contracts and relevant information is available from the Infrastructure Planning and Delivery (IPD) branch representative on the project control group (PCG).
    • Documentation of works to be undertaken to tender, including: 
      • conditions of tendering
      • contracts
      • working drawings
      • specifications
      • pre-tender estimate (cost plan D)
      • bill of quantities (where appropriate).

Contract documentation is to include the following current government requirements:

  • Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP).
  • Victorian Managed Insurance Act  (VMIA) requirements.
  • Security of payment legislation.
  • Probity and disclosure requirements.
  • Essential services management and reporting.

Approval must be obtained from IPD before a call for tenders can be advertised.

The contract documentation is issued to tenderers to price the project and is used as a basis for entering into a contract with the builder in lump sum contracts. For fixed lump sum contracts, the department utilises the amended AS2124-1992 contract.

The guidelines relevant to the documentation phase are:

The documentation phase is complete when contract documentation and cost plan D are approved for use by the principal’s representative and superintendent to the contract (for department projects). The contract and project management responsibilities rest with IPD.