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2. Strategic business case phase overview

The first phase in the capital investment process is the strategic business case phase. It commences when divisions, regions or agencies identify a service need and prepare a proposal that includes a capital investment component. The proposal is to be based on relevant policy, service needs and consideration of identified assets and physical requirements.

The strategic business case phase is complete when the service plan and agency specific business case have been prepared and / or approved by the divisions.

  • Service plan - Defines the services to be delivered to the community and the ancillary or support services also required.
  • Strategic business case - Identifies the optimal approach for delivering the defined services. Involves the consideration of options including the use of existing physical assets or a requirement for new or refurbished assets.

The following planning and development guidelines have been prepared to assist agencies to complete the strategic business case phase:

It may be necessary to establish a management team (project control group) and engage consultants at this early stage. Additional guidelines to assist in these activities are: 

In the case where proposals are developed by the agency, the proposals are to be submitted to the region and division for consideration and endorsement, (with or without amendment). The bid for funding to initiate a project is then ranked within the Department of Health's overall asset investment program and submitted for ministerial approval.

The first gateway review, strategic assessment - is undertaken to identify key business objectives and outcomes by establishing a business need. 

The proposed project is included on the design list if ministerial approval is received.  Funds for design are then made available to allow the project to progress to the development of a full business case.