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7. Other information required

Functional Analysis

Cost managers are advised to generally follow the AIQS and Department of Health and Human Services benchmarking, e.g. asset assessment (NPV) in carrying out a functional analysis.

The department has a comprehensive list of functional areas in acute facilities to be used (see the sample list of functional groups). These areas form the basis for identification of functional areas or departments and will be used by the provider, cost manager and the designer.

At the master plan / feasibility stage, the functional analysis will be based on broader departmental / functional zones.

The detailed functional analysis is undertaken in the schematic design (cost plan C1) phase of each project. At design development (cost plan C2) and contract documentation (cost plan D) phases, the cost manager will be responsible for reconciliation of the functional analysis.

Net present value

Net present value will be required on projects where the capital and recurrent costs are reduced to a single figure. The application of Partnerships Victoria projects will be considered special and entitlements for these projects will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Budget reconciliation

Where the cost plan indicates that the TEI will differ from the agreed budget limit for the approved scope of work, reconciliation will be required which clearly identifies the item(s) or reasons that contribute to the variance. The information should be provided in the format given in the budget deficit / surplus reports. This format is to be presented to the agency in a form that leads to clear discussion with the funding authority.