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3. Recurrent costs

The quantity surveyor shall be responsible for the generation of recurrent costs for the facility operation and maintenance in consultation with the Department of Health and Human Services, including Infrastructure Planning and Delivery (IPD) branch, and the facility operators.

The quantity surveyor shall identify the significant considerations regarding the benefits of added capital costs where the benefits are returned to the agency and / or facility operator by way of improvements and /or in recurrent savings. This would encompass asset O+M, energy use and similar non-clinical costs. The quantity surveyor shall consult all team members in identifying trade-offs between capital and recurrent benefits.

In developing recurrent cost assessments for major upgrades, the quantity surveyor shall include elements such as:

  • boilers and chillers
  • building management system
  • site service connections (not normally within the capacity of the agency to fund)
  • make clear the life cycle analysis of the project for supporting the department's final submission to BERC to project funding
  • ESD to improve sustainability or meet Victorian government policy initiatives such as energy efficiency and water resource management.