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3. Consultant selection process

Appointment of consultants is normally carried out by the Infrastructure Planning and Delivery (IPD) following recommendation by a selection panel including health service / agency and regional / divisional representatives. It is undertaken in accordance with the project development and construction management act 1994 (PDCM), ministerial directives 1 and 2, the code of practice for the building and construction industry and regulatory requirements.

The consultancy may be novated to the health service / agency following the schematic design and cost plan C stages 1 and 2. In those instances where the health service / agency are selecting consultant(s), they will need to obtain the latest information from IPD regarding the tendering process and associated responsibilities.

Generally, the appointment of the project manager (if required), architect and quantity surveyor will be prior to the commencement of the master plan or feasibility study. Consultant(s) may be appointed for the whole of the project components. The engagements are for services identified as phases and the consultant is to complete each phase satisfactorily before proceeding to subsequent phases.

Consultancies’ financial criteria

The PDCM Act 1994 and Ministerial direction No. 1, 1995: tendering provisions for public construction, and Ministerial direction No. 2, 1996: contractual provisions for public construction, provides for consultant engagements undertaken by the Department of Health and Human Services and public bodies. These documents can be viewed on the Internet here.

Written quotation requirements.

Project valueNumber of quotes requiredAdditional information

$0 - $25,000

1 written tender.

Due diligence is required. Proposal must be consistent with current market prices.

$25,000 - $150,000

3 written tenders minimum.

$150,000 and over

3 Tenderers from a list of pre-qualified consultants or inviting public tenders.

The process should incorporate activities set out in Table: consultant selection process.

The consultant selection process
The consultant selection process