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5. Selection criteria

The broad criteria used in consultant selection will take into account the following:

Services planning expertise

This criterion is to be used where required.

Project experience

The relevant experience of the consulting organisation / group in working with or on a project of this type, scale and environment eg design, documentation, administration etc.

Government procedures

Knowledge of government and Department of Health and Human Services projects and procedures.

Team / management

The assigned people on the project:

  • their experience, expertise and nominated tasks
  • how they will be managed and coordinated.

Consideration has to be given to the consultants’ recognition of their responsibility to the project process.

Methodology / approach

Having a sound understanding of the issues surrounding the particular project and tailoring the sequence of activities to ensure that the desired project outcome is achieved. The ability to challenge and promote lateral thought amongst all parties is an important consideration.

Program / response

A demonstration that the consultants have an awareness of the time constraints placed on the project, and, having considered the particular issues relevant to the project, have established the sequence of tasks and associated schedules necessary to achieve any predetermined timelines.

Client response

Enthusiasm and professionalism of presentation, including the ability of the consultant to elicit a co-operative and valuable contribution form the client and familiarity with local conditions.

Quality assurance

The process that the consultants put in place to ensure the correctness of planning, design and documentation, and co-ordination of the physical aspects of the project.


Firm’s history and resource capability to perform services and availability of key personnel.

Fee inclusions

Scope of services included in the fee proposal and the appropriateness of the quoted amount to enable optimum service provision for the client.


Normally three referees should be provided to support the submission in relation to the type of work / role envisaged.