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10. Implementation and timing

A range of proposal delivery performance measures (milestones) is necessary at the project level, including those related to standards to be met, timing issues, location (where relevant), benefit realisation and costing.

Detail timing and delivery sequencing requirements and the potential lead-time expected:

  • An indicative and realistic timetable should be developed outlining the key delivery events of the proposed initiative.
  • Details are required of the implementation issues, particularly those cases where: there is a physical site involved – in the event that a site is not already held, details of the site acquisition strategy will be required, including details of how this might impact on timing, sequencing and costs of the proposed initiative and consideration of planning requirements; and specific environmental requirements is required.
  • Detail the project schedule information, including information on potential competing priorities; skills, capabilities, and availability of agency staff; contractor expertise and experience.
  • Confirm that all actions necessary to progress the initiative have been adequately identified.
  • Identify resourcing implications for the department.


  • Project management and governance.
  • Project brief where available – if project has not appointed consultants, project brief is unlikely to be available.
  • Risk management planning.
  • Capital planning.
  • Further work on non-capital options.
  • Capital and recurrent cost analysis.
  • Preparation of preliminary business case.
  • Financial and resource implications for the next stage.
  • Timetable for implementation for the next stage and proposed indicative timetable for the project?
  • Site acquisition strategy.
  • Preliminary communication strategy.
  • Preliminary change management strategy.

Project brief

Provide details of the project brief for the next project phase, if available – else provide details on how it will be achieved.

Indicate resources required and who is responsible for completing the tasks. Demonstrate that the project has been allocated sufficient and appropriate resources to manage the project according to the brief and timelines.

Project timelines

Provide a summary of the overall project time lines.