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Gateway business review

The gateway review process is an element of the gateway initiative and applies across the general government sector. Gateway reviews can apply to any or all six specified lifecycle stages. They cover new and existing high to medium-risk projects.

The process has been developed to review project development and procuring at key planning stages throughout the capital works project development. The review process is intended to ensure senior Managers the confidence that the project can progress successfully from one phase to the next stage.

As part of the process, project key actions and signoffs are required to assist in ensuring funding and implementation objectives. The governance of project extends to the design and construction, recurrent costs and revenue implications and defects rectification periods.

The six key gateway review stages formally set out by the Department of Treasury and Finance are:

  • gate 1 - strategic business case
  • gate 2 - final business case
  • gate 3 - procurement strategy
  • gate 4 - tender decision
  • gate 5 - readiness for service
  • gate 6 - benefits evaluation.

The gateway review process helps senior responsible owners achieve their business aims by ensuring:

  • appropriate skills and experience are deployed on the project
  • key stakeholders covered by the project fully understand the project status and the issues involved
  • the project can progress to the next stage of development or implementation
  • time and cost targets for projects are realistic and achievable.

Knowledge and skills of government staff are enhanced through participation in the gateway process.

Further information on the gateway review process can be found on the Department of Treasury and Finance website.