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7. Gate 4: tender decision

Gateway review 4 confirms that the recommended tender decision is appropriate, before the contract is placed with a supplier.

This review phase provides assurances about the processes used to select a supplier.

It assesses whether:

  • the process has been well managed
  • the business needs are being met
  • both the client and the supplier can implement and manage the proposed solution
  • the necessary processes are in place to achieve a successful outcome after contract award.


  • Confirm the business case and benefits plan.
  • Check that all necessary statutory and procedural requirements were followed throughout the procurement process.
  • Confirm that the recommended contract decision is likely to deliver the specified outputs/outcomes on time, within budget and will provide value for money.
  • Ensure that management controls are in place to manage the project through to completion.
  • Ensure there is continuing support for the project.
  • Confirm that the approved procurement strategy has been followed.
  • Confirm that the department and implementation plans of both the client and the supplier/partner are achievable.
  • Check that the business has prepared for developing new processes where needed and for implementing and operating new services or facilities, as well as the transition process.
  • Confirm that there are plans for risk management, issue management and change management.
  • Confirm that the technical implications have been addressed.
  • Confirm that the proposed procurement is within the financial approvals, with adequate budget to accommodate it.


  • Construction - refer to construction insurance and monthly reports guidelines.
  • Commissioning - refer to commissioning of facilities guidelines.

Key actions

  • Infrastructure Planning and Delivery (IPD) branch provides BERC quarterly reports on delivery against time, costs.
  • IPD monitor delivery against time, costs and quality.
  • IPD overviews construction commissioning.
  • Service division overviews operational commissioning.


The following documentation, where applicable, should be available before the review starts:

  • the transaction documents executed for the procurement
  • project management documents including:
    • strategies for managing the risks and issues, and plans and risk log showing that risks were identified and managed.
    • the plan for implementing business change and plans for handling future change.
    • the service management.
    • the benefit management strategy, benefit management plans and responsibilities for delivery.
    • the procurement strategy.
    • the operational requirements and draft contract.
  • Documentation detailing:
    • confirmation that the procurement strategy approved at Gateway 3 Review has been followed.
    • confirmation that the negotiated and agreed solution remain within the original criteria.
    • confirmation that probity has been maintained throughout the procurement process.
    • tealistic plans from the supplier for development and implementation.
    • an evaluation report containing recommendation and justification of the selected suppliers.
    • outline project plans through to completion and plans for the next stage.
    • an updated project time plan developed with the selected suppliers.
    • an updated communication plan.
    • confirmation of adequate funds/budget and authority to proceed.

Key sign offs

  • IPD sign off quarterly reporting.
  • Any changes to endorsed scope / TEI / timeframes to be signed off by division.