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8. Gate 5: readiness for service

Gateway Review 5: readiness for service covers the activity up to contract signature or agreement to place work with an existing supplier or partner. This review focuses on assessing:

  • whether the solution is robust before delivery
  • how ready the organisation is to implement the business changes that occur before and after delivery
  • whether there is a basis for evaluating ongoing performance.

This review takes place preferably before commissioning to take advantage of the procurement team.


  • Asset management.
  • Post occupancy evaluation.

Key actions

  • Agency responsible for service delivery and asset maintenance.
  • Service Division monitors service delivery and financial sustainability.
  • Infrastructure Planning and Delivery (IPD) monitor defects liability.  
  • POE determines the value for money delivered from investment. 
  • IPD and service division review POE findings.


The following documentation, where applicable, should be available before the review starts:

  • an updated requirements definition with any changes agreed during the period up to Gateway Review 4
  • updated business case and plans for benefits realisation, which reflect the effect of any requirements changes and the plans for service delivery
  • close-out (if the project ends at implementation and a new one begins) and status reports and reconciliations for:
    • cost versus budget
    • actual versus planned schedule
    • risk management
    • communication and external relations
    • environmental performance
    • adherence to statutory requirements.
  • an assessment of contractual issues during the project to date
  • lessons learned during the project (if the project ends at implementation)
  • a plan for performance measurement
  • the updated contract (including a list of products)
  • test plan and test reports
  • progress reports on development and construction
  • updated risk and issues logs, including residual risks
  • updated contingency and reversion plans
  • outline project plans through to completion and detailed plans for the next stage
  • the plan for managing change, including expected changes to requirements over time
  • details of any facilities not provided to the required specification and any missing or deficient items, with agreed plans for addressing any outstanding issues
  • risk management strategies
  • benefits management plan
  • updated health and safety file
  • records of building site visits
  • operational and maintenance instructions and warranties.