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Project governance

This guideline has been developed to assist the health service / agency to successfully develop and implement service and capital planning projects.

The project governance framework outlines the responsibility and authority for making decisions and ensures clearly defined accountability of all aspects of a project.

The guideline is to apply to all public projects under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Human Services regardless of size, cost, complexity and source of funds.

Use of the guideline is intended to ensure that projects enhance service delivery through the following:

  • facilitating good governance and enhancing managers understanding of their responsibilities including addressing key issues, risks and decisions
  • assisting projects to be completed within scope, time, cost and quality objectives
  • add value to projects and ensuring best use of government funds
  • complying with government policy and statutory requirements
  • minimising risk associated with the procurement of major capital investments.

Additional government requirements for the planning and development of public health facilities are provided in the Victorian government's general principles for project governance as set out in

The Victorian government investment lifecycle guidelines.

The national PPP governance requirements - part 6 jurisdictional requirements.