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4. Project planning team (PPT)


The role of the project planning team (PPT) is to provide advice and recommendations to the SC and action directives from the SC. The PPT operates within the parameters set by the SC, coordinates project plans and all relevant documentation. The team provides recommendations and seeks approval, direction and/or endorsement of the SC. The PPT coordinates reports and actions from working groups to ensure delivery of key project stages.              

The team is primarily responsible for ensuring timeframes and key objectives of the project are achieved and that adequate and appropriate documentation and information is provided to the SC at key decision points. The team must ensure that all groups receive and provide the right information in appropriate timeframes to ensure the development of a robust business case and other relevant documentation such as the Collocation Framework.

The team is also responsible for the coordination of the various PCG's and all other working groups and teams. This includes coordinating and facilitating joint workshops between the clinical services, non-clinical services, research and infrastructure teams and working groups at appropriate points in the service planning and project development process.

Members of the PPT are expected to contribute to the development of all relevant documentation and associated requirements of the overall project.

The team is to meet regularly, generally monthly and provide progress reports to the SC.


The composition of the PPT will normally consist of four to six members who are senior managers drawn typically from the health service / agency and Infrastructure Planning and Delivery (IPD) branch. They will be familiar with day-to-day operational requirements and have the delegated authority to undertake actions as required by the SC.

Health service / agency managers and departmental project managers who are deemed to be expert in specific matters may be invited to attend and advise on these issues but are not members of the PPT.


The PPT terms of reference are to:

  • perform actions and respond to requests as directed by the SC
  • develop and monitor project planning frameworks, priorities, timelines and responsibilities
  • develop documentation and facilitate the recruitment of project consultants, outside of capital as required
  • develop other documentation as required
  • develop models and options of service delivery
  • develop and complete business planning phases as required
  • ensure close liaison between the health service / agency and the Department of Health and Human Services (and across key departmental divisions)
  • establish project control groups (PCG) and working groups as required to facilitate project objectives and responsibilities
  • determine linkages and liaise with health service / agency planning teams / committees as required.