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Approval to tender

Government compliances

Some or all of the following compliance may be relevant to a project. The project compliances are dependent on the project size and complexity.

Activity / actionInclusions / typeLink
PDCM Act 1994 - Ministerial Directions Standard contract and special conditions PDCM Act 1994, Ministerial Guidelines No 2 - Contractural Provisions for Public Construction
Code of practice for the building and construction industry   Status of the Victorian Code
Probity and disclosure   Probity and disclosure
Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP)   VIPP
Partnerships Victoria If applicable Partnerships Victoria
Procurement Procurement model, OHS and IR APCC, OHS, IRV
Construction supplier register (CSR) Use of CSR for OHS and IR only applies for pre-qualified contractors / consultants CSR
Probity appointment If applicable Probity appointment

Department of Health & Human Services, IPD requirements

Activity / actionInclusions / typeLink
Terms and conditions of tendering Conditions, CCAP and special conditions CCAP page for tendering provisions
Partnerships Victoria If applicable Partnerships Victoria
Procurement - APCC, ethical purchasing   Ethical PurchasingOHS
Consultant Engagement Process CEP internal database used by IPD to manage contracts