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1. Contractor occupational health and safety (OHS) management system elements

A systematic approach is required to integrate health and safety requirements into contract management activities effectively and to fulfil obligations in relation to health and safety.

There are three important stages in the contracting process.

Contract and specification

Determining OHS tender and contract requirements

Ensuring that appropriate health and safety requirements are incorporated into the contract, conditions of tender and the specification documents. Include requirements which tenderers may not otherwise be aware of, such as ongoing occupation by the Principal, access and egress restrictions, time limits for certain activities, and the presence of asbestos containing materials, soil contamination or other harmful materials.

Tender evaluation

Evaluating tenderer OHS capabilities and systems

Establishing a systematic approach to evaluating tenderers health and safety capabilities and resources. Note, Ministerial Directions under the Project Development and Construction Management Act require OHS to be a key selection criteria for selection of contractors. This task may be simplified, if the tenderer has an accredited OHS management system, the most common being an AS 4801 OHS management system, or Victorian WorkCover SafetyMap system. Tenderers may also have systems pre-qualified by the Victorian, Construction Supplier Register (CSR) or for tenderers active on commonwealth government projects, the commonwealth equivalent. Note that contract specific requirements may not have been incorporated into a management system at tender stage.

Contract management

Monitoring & supervising contractor OHS performance

Ensuring that contractor health and safety performance is adequately managed and monitored for the duration of the contract. The emphasis during the contract stage should be on confirming the preventative and pro-active and corrective OHS management by the contractor.

Elements of the contractor OHS management system.