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14. Non conformance report form

The superindendent or the superintendent's representative shall complete the attached non-conformance report where areas of non-conformance are identified as a result of inspections of contractor operations.

The report should be issued following consultation with the contractor representative and an agreed time frame should be documented on this report for the rectification of issues.

Where the contractor does not rectify the issue within the agreed timeframe a second non-conformance report may be issued or the principal may consider suspension or termination of the contract if the issue is of sufficient significance.

The following information should be recorded on the non-conformance report:

  • details of non conformance
  • actions required
  • completion date
  • verification of completion.

Details of non-conformance

Specific details of non-conformance, which may include:

  • any plant or equipment involved
  • any chemicals or hazardous substances involved
  • safe work method statements (SWMS) not followed
  • any other physical aspects
  • nature of the risk.

Actions required

Actions agreed to by all parties following consultation, and that should adequately address the identified non-conformance. This may take the form of specific control measures and should take into account the hierarchy of controls.

Completion date

The agreed timeframe by which the contractor should have implemented the actions documented in the non-conformance report.

Verification of completion

The superintendent or superintendent's representative should verify that the agreed actions have taken place on or soon after the agreed completion date. Where the actions are complete the superintendent's representative and contractor should sign the non-conformance form and file with contract documentation.