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6. Tenderer OHS management system questionnaire

This questionnaire forms part of the Department of Health and Human Service's tender evaluation process, it is to be completed by tenderers and submitted with their tender offer. The objective of the questionnaire is to provide an overview of the status of the tenderers occupational health and safety OHS management system.

The information provided in this questionnaire is an accurate summary of the company’s occupational health and safety management system.
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Short-listed tenderers will be required to verify their responses noted in their questionnaire by providing evidence of their ability and capacity in relevant matters.

Tenderer OHS management system questionnaireYesNoComments / details
OHS policy and management      

Is there a written company health and safety policy?

If yes provide a copy of the policy


Does the company have an OHS management system certified by recognised independent authority (e.g. SafetyMAP or AS4801)

If yes provide details


Is there a company OHS management system manual or plan?

If yes provide a copy of the content page(s)


Are health and safety responsibilities clearly identified for all levels of Management and staff?

If yes provide details


Safe work practices and procedures


Has the company prepared safe operating procedures or specific safety instructions relevant to its operations?

If yes provide a summary listing of procedures or instructions


Is there a register of injury document?
If yes provide a copy


Is there a documented incident investigation procedure?

If yes provide a copy of a standard incident report form


Are there procedures for maintaining, inspecting and assessing the hazards of plant operated / owned by the company?

If yes provide details


Are there procedures for storing and handling hazardous substances?

If yes provide details


Are there procedures for identifying, assessing and controlling risks associated with manual handling?

If yes provide details


OHS training


Describe how health and safety training is conducted in your company


Is a record maintained of all training and induction programs undertaken for employees in your company?

If yes provide examples of safety training records


Health and safety workplace inspection


Are regular health and safety inspections at worksites undertaken?

If yes provide details


Is there a procedure by which employees can report hazards at workplaces?

If yes provide details


Health and safety consultation


Is there a workplace health and safety committee?


Are employees involved in decision making over OHS matters?

If yes provide details


Are there employee elected health and safety representatives?


OHS performance monitoring


Is there a system for recording and analysing health and safety performance statistics including number and type of injuries and incidents?

If yes provide details


Are employees regularly provided with information on company health and safety performance?

If yes provide details


Has the company ever been convicted of an occupational health and safety offence?

If yes provide details


Company references


Provide the following information for the three (3) most recent contracts completed by the company:

  • location of contract
  • name and contact details for the principal or client
  • nature of the construction contract
  • latest OHS performance report for each contract