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Contract documentation

The contract documentation relates to all pre-tender, tender and contractual documentation. Contract documentation provides builders with sufficient information to be able to construct required works to meet the service delivery requirements.

Consideration is to be given to the terminology used when translating the service plan into tendering and contractual documentation for building and construction consultants. Tendering of a project commences after the Department of Health and Human Services has approved the design development report and cost plan C2. During the development the tender documentation, the code of practice requirements are to be utilised. Refer to the Victorian Building Authority site for further details.

The content of the documentation differs according to the nature of the requirements and the chosen procurement strategy. The chosen method could be one of the following:

  • traditional construct only
  • design and construct
  • design, construct and maintain
  • construction management
  • warranted maximum price
  • managing contractor
  • alliance
  • public / private partnership (PPP).

The preparation of the tender documentation can take up to six months or more to develop, depending on the project complexity and the resources available. The tender preparation and documentation consists of developing complete and properly co-ordinated documents, some documents include:

  • working drawings and specifications, suitable for tendering and construction
  • pre-tender estimate (cost plan D)
  • bill of quantities.