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4. Approvals

The following documentation compiled throughout the project process require approvals from the appropriate authoriser:

  • tender documentation
  • tender acceptance
  • contract documentation
  • occupancy certificate.

Selection of tenderers

The Department of Health and Human Services requires that government procurement process for public works be undertaken on a competitive basis. Normally this two-stage process involves seeking expressions of interest by public advertising. From the responses, a short list is identified to obtain detailed submissions to a request for tender. The final tenderer is chosen from this second stage based on:

  • value for money
  • shortlisting may be replaced by use of the government's construction supply register of pre-qualified tenderers.

The dollar value of the project is to be considered separately from other selection criteria identified in the selection process.

Acceptance of tender

The principal is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender. However, where the lowest tenderer is not accepted, substantive reasons for not doing so will need to be provided to the department prior to approval being given for acceptance of a tender.