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3. Responsibilities


The contractor / builder is the firm engaged to undertake the construction works in accordance with the contract.

Consultants are responsible for contract documentation preparation.

It is the consultant’s responsibility to ensure the information provided (drawings, bills of quantities and specification) in the tender documentation is sufficient to enable a fair and equitable competitive tender process, which will result in no omissions in scope of work from the contract.

The consultant’s responsibility is to confirm that the tender documentation and pre-tender estimate are:

  • fit-for-purpose
  • within the approved budget
  • complete and co-ordinated
  • comply with all statutory regulations.

The principal

The principal is the legal entity, usually the controlling body of the health service / agency (for example, a hospital board of management) for whom the works are to be executed, which enters into a contract with another party, usually a contractor, for that other party to execute the works. The principal is obliged to pay the contractor for works satisfactorily completed.

The superintendent

The superintendent is usually a consultant, for example the project manager or architect, employed by the principal to carry out those responsibilities as defined within the contract.

The superintendent's representative

Under clause 24 of AS2124-1992, the superintendent may, from time to time, appoint a superintendent’s representative to exercise certain defined functions of the superintendent. The contents of clause 24 should be carefully noted. The appointment and name of the superintendent’s representative must be notified to the contractor.

The project control group (PCG)

The PCG will need to ensure:

  • original project objectives, approval of scope of works and budget are included in these stages
  • the assigning of appropriate tasks which may entail advertising for and interviewing building contractors is undertaken where required
  • the entire tendering process is conforming to the following: Ministerial Direction No. 1, Ministerial Direction No. 2 and the code of practice for the building and construction industry. These can be located at the Victorian Building Authority site.

PCG report format

A brief report to the PCG is required in A4 format will be provided which will include a summary of design changes and their implications, confirmation of cost estimate / budget, cash flow, program, and equipment schedule.

A full set of reduced tender drawings (A3 size) showing site, floor, roof and reflected ceiling plans, elevations and sections, together with drawings showing scope of engineering services and structural elements, should be included in the report.