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Strategic business case

This document is the first component of the business case, as defined in the Department of Treasury and Finance gateway process.

It should provide sufficient detail make an initial determination on the initiative’s strategic fit and suitability for further development.

It provides a preliminary justification for the program or project based on a strategic assessment of business needs and a high level assessment of the program or project’s likely costs and potential for success.

The document should explain as clearly as clearly as possible to the non-specialist reader.

  1. What the project is.
  2. Why it should be done.
  3. What options have been considered?
  4. How much will it cost?
  5. How will it be done?
  6. What are the risks?

The gateway review of the project at this stage is looking to:

  1. Review the business need and identify whether it requires a project or a program of projects.
  2. Ensure that the project or program is supported by users and stakeholders and contributes to the organisation’s business strategy.
  3. Review the arrangements for leading and managing the project or program (and its individual projects).
  4. Review the arrangements for identifying and managing the main project or program risks (and in the case of a program the individual project risks), including external risks such as changing business priorities.

Check that financial provision has been made for the project or program and that plans for the work to be done through to business case justification (gateway review 2) for each procurement project is realistic, properly resourced and authorised. This should include the individual projects within a program.