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8. Project planning

Funding strategy

[Indicate where the project sits in the Department of Health and Human Services asset management plan and multi-year strategy.

Indicate which part of the asset management cycle is being targeted eg, departmental BERC bid for 201x/x]

Actions to progress to preliminary business case

Detail the actions required to progress the strategic assessment to the options analysis phase. Provide estimated completion dates. Consider:

  1. service planning
  2. model of care
  3. project brief (Where available – if project has not appointed consultants, project brief is unlikely to be available)
  4. risk management planning
  5. capital planning
  6. further work on non-capital options
  7. capital and recurrent cost analysis
  8. preparation of preliminary business case
  9. financial and resource implications for the next stage
  10. timetable for implementation for the next stage and proposed indicative timetable for the project
  11. site acquisition strategy
  12. preliminary communication strategy
  13. preliminary change management strategy

Project brief

[Provide details of the project brief for the next project phase, if available – else provide details on how it will be achieved.]

Project timelines

[Provide a summary of the overall project time lines, if available.]