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Property Management

The Property management and governance guideline outlines the basic legislative, policy and procedural framework for the acquisition, divestment, leasing and licensing of land by or on behalf of the Minister for Health, the Secretary to the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) and/or public health services and cemetery trusts.

It's purpose is to assist public entities in the health portfolio to understand how to undertake acquisition, sale, leasing, and management of land.

Any acquisition, divestment and leasing of land should align with service planning and master planning processes, and must only occur once the project has been approved.

It only provides general guidance and officers should consult and comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation, ministerial directions and government policy and practices to ensure that proper procedures are followed for each project or task. A list of key policies impacting the property management process is also available.

The checklists below are for general guidance as the process may need to be tailored depending on project specific requirements. Completing the checklists is not mandatory but provided as a best practice guide to assist with effective delivery of property related projects.

Cemetery trusts should use the manual once a full business case has been endorsed by the department’s Cemeteries and Crematoria Unit.

Where specific or more comprehensive advice is required, the Manager Property within the department’s Property team can be contacted at capital@dhhs.vic.gov.au or call 03 9096 2061.