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Decommissioning of surplus assets

Where a property is deemed obsolete or surplus to departmental requirements, the Program / Region is responsible for day to day site management until the property is sold or transferred. The Property Management team can assist the Program / Region to determine the scope of property management activities required during this period including:

  • grounds maintenance
  • site and building security
  • disconnection of water / sewerage services
  • disconnection of electricity / gas / telephone services
  • maintenance of fire services
  • building maintenance

In preparation for divestment, some Hospital facilities / assets require particular considerations.


Where buildings have been decommissioned and are not occupied, they need to be made safe and secure. High value buildings and in particular buildings with a heritage value should have intruder alarms installed.


Lifts should be parked at the ground floor. One lift should be maintained in a fully serviceable condition to enable upper level access for building inspection purposes.

Boilers (Hospitals)

If there are no services required to be provided from the boiler plant, then it should be decommissioned and stored either wet (if the boiler is likely to be recommissioned in the short term) or dry (if the boiler is likely to be recommissioned in the long term or not at all). A maintenance engineer should be engaged for this purpose.

Fire systems

The fire ring main, fire detection systems, and hydrants must continue to be maintained in accordance with building code requirements.