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Landholding reporting requirements

Minimum property dataset

In accordance with the Victorian Government Landholding Policy, agencies (including Health Services) are required to establish and maintain a Minimum Property Dataset for their property assets, and are obliged to inform Land Victoria on each occasion when an event occurs, other than transfers under the Transfer of Land Act, that results in a change in the name of the entity entitled to be recorded as registered proprietor, i.e. changes arising from operational convenience and those arising from machinery of government changes (amalgamations and de-amalgamations).

Minimum Property Dataset requirements are set out in Section 4 of the Landholding Guidelines and must include the property details defined in Table 1 below.

Table 1. Minimum Property Dataset

  • Detail Required
Location Information (required to enable geospatial mapping)
  • Address
  • Specific Parcel Identifier (SPI)
  • Parcel Persistent Feature Identifier (PFI)
  • Volume and Folio Number (as applicable)
  • Lot on Plan description (as applicable)
  • Crown Land Parcel Number (as applicable) Crown description (allotment / parish / township)(as applicable)
  • Latitude / Longitude
  • Local Government Area
Site Attributes
  • Site area (square metres / hectares)
  • Subdivisional or Crown Plan (showing dimensions)
  • Current Zoning [and underlying zoning]
  • Contamination status (if known, e.g. including under-ground storage tanks)
  • Other relevant details including HAZMAT reports
  • Description of site infrastructure (e.g. roadways, car parks, above/below ground storage tanks, fencing hard and soft landscaping)
  • Overall condition of infrastructure
  • Number of permanent buildings on site
  • Age of each building
  • Gross floor area of each building
  • Overall condition of each building
Ownership and current Use
  • Current Owner / Registered Proprietor; or Trustee / Committee of Management
  • Occupier
  • Current use(s) of site
  • Property Utilisation Status – see Table 2
In use value (financial reporting):
  • Date of last valuation
  • Total buildings value
  • Total site infrastructure value
  • Land value
  • Total site value
  • Buildings replacement cost
  • Buildings insurance replacement cost
  • Current market value:(Property held for sale only)

Purchase Details
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Price
  • Purchase Reason
Management / Administration
  • Identification number (business ID)
  • File or records management reference
  • Compliance with relevant legislative / regulatory requirements and safety standards
  • Insurance
Assessment / Performance
  • Suitability of location for current function
  • Overall suitability of infrastructure for current function
  • Useful life and forecast renewal date for existing infrastructure.
  • Overall suitability of buildings for current function
  • Useful life and forecast renewal date for existing buildings
  • Other relevant details

The Minimum Property Datasets include a Property Utilisation Status that should be determined using the criteria in Table 2 below:

Table 2. Property Utilisation Status

5 Fully occupied (no portion available for other agency or compatible uses)
4 Partly occupied (full utilisation included in agency future planning)
3 Available for shared occupation (significant portion available for compatible use)
2 Vacant with agency utilisation planned (included in agency future planning)
1 Vacant (and/or used for a community group or for another non-core business purpose) with no agency utilisation planned (no longer required for agency business)
S Declared Surplus