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Post evaluation phase

Implementing actions and measuring effectiveness

The post evaluation phase entails implementing recommendations and actions and measuring their effectiveness.

The activities of this phase include:

  • seeking approval of the recommendations and action plans
  • implementing recommendations and action plans
  • reviewing the effectiveness of these actions.

Whilst the POE team will seek generate the recommendations and action plans, the implementation and review of these actions will be the responsibility of agency management, as they occur after the evaluation team has finished its work.

POE performance measurement

Measuring the performance of a POE requires an assessment of the following aspects:

  • comparison of performance against original targets or appropriate benchmarks
  • management of the process
  • quality of the report and action plans
  • degree to which the recommendations and action plans were implemented.

POE process measurement

The success of a POE may be measured by how effectively the process was managed. This assessment should include:

  • adequacy of the consultations
  • appropriateness of data collection instruments
  • duration of the evaluation
  • disruption to users
  • cost of the study.