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The POE report

The aim of the report is to improve functionality and technical performance of planned facilities and any restorative actions required to improve asset performance. It should include both the positive and negative aspects of a facility. This enables the positive aspects of the facility to be repeated and the negative aspects to be addressed in future project documentation. Reporting findings and recommending actions.

A POE report should include:

  • an executive summary (minimum 2 pages)
  • methodology used
  • data and analysis
  • findings
  • recommendations
  • action plans.

Recommendations and action plans may include actions that feedback into asset plans (including project definition plans and project briefs), maintenance plans or minor works plans. In some instances further investigation may be necessary.

The report will be provided to both the agency and Department of Health and Human Services initially as a draft, prior to the final report submission. The final report is to be provided as ten hard copies and an electronic copy (Microsoft Word 2000 format).

Two oral presentations of the report findings are to be presented to Infrastructure Planning and Delivery branch staff, and the facility management and program areas concerned.