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Conditions of contract

Victorian government approved conditions of contract must be used and must be incorporated into the tender documents. They consist of:

  • Conditions of tender. Consultants should consult the Department of Health and Human Services to obtain the current version.
  • Lump sum general conditions of contract AS 2124 - 1992. This form of contract is used almost universally by government principals throughout Australia because of its allocation of risk (compared to later versions which are not considered acceptable).
  • Annexure Part A to conditions of contract AS 2124 - 1992. This document provides specific contract details and selects options, where the general conditions of contract has provision for alternatives. Consultants should consult the departmental project manager for assistance in filling out the annexure. It will for example contain details of contract security requirements to address perceived contract risks.
  • Special conditions to lump sum contract AS 2124 - 1992. Consultants should consult the department to obtain the current version. The special conditions are included in the contract through annexure part B to AS2124-1992.

In addition to the conditions of contract above, consultants should give consideration to the departmental considerations, which follow this section.

A standard contract for construction management is available by application to the department.