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Who we are

The Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority (VHHSBA) leads state-wide planning, system design and the provision of enabling infrastructure through:

  • informing, influencing and developing policy and strategy
  • integrating policy and strategy at state-wide and at health-service levels
  • planning and management of the health and aged care asset portfolio
  • development and delivery of infrastructure required to provide services
  • leading environmental sustainability in the health sector
  • managing the departmental capital investment program
  • providing leadership in building standards and policies for public and private facilities

To bring about successful capital project delivery IPD has developed several guidance materials and tools to assist in the capital process, as listed below.

Asset assessment workbook

Templates for assessing the condition of existing assets.

Planning and development guidelines (PDG)

A guide to best practice in project activities, roles and responsibilities that covers each phase in a capital project.

Contractual and business case templates

Contract and business case templates to be utilised for projects varying in size and complexity.

Design duidelines for hospitals and day procedure units (DGHDP)

The minimum Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Day Procedure Units.

Generic design briefs

A description of the general design requirements in terms of size.

Hospital capital planning model

Provides an indicative scope and cost for projects very early in the planning stages based upon service planning projections

Key report depository

Stores key reports, such as master plans and design development reports, for a number of key sites.

Contact us

For further information regarding any Infrastructure Planning and Delivery service, please email us at capital@dhhs.vic.gov.au.